How to Get Free Stuff from Amazon?

Do you know that you can get free stuff from Amazon? There’s no obligation to purchase or review the products they send to you. Here are the two programs that you can get free stuff from Amazon.
Program one, Amazon now launched a new program call ”Amazon product sampling” you do NOT need to be a Prime member! Anyone with an active account is eligible to receive free samples.! There is no fee for the samples, there is no limitation of how many samples you can get, which means you can apply for as many samples as you like. They will select the lucky customers to get free samples.

Click here to access the programamazon Product Sampling

Once you login to your Amazon account, select “yes, I want to receive free samples” choose the categories of products that you are interested, then click” Save preferences”
Amazon says they will try their best to match you with the categories you have chosen. Samples are not guaranteed. you will receive an email notification before they send out. Good luck!

Program two: You can win free Stuff with Amazon’s giveaway program. Link the program here: amazon Giveaway

The purpose of this program is to help sellers to promote their products and help them engage with customers, create marketing buzz for their products. In return, customers that enter the giveaway can win free products. Everyday Amazon have about up to 4000 Giveaways going on! That means you can enter any of these giveaways to win free stuff. Same as that first program, you just need to have an Amazon account, there is no fee requires to enter the giveaway.

Here’s how it works,
Seller would set up a giveaway from their seller central account, and select winners from these two models. Prizes can be awarded at an interval set by the seller. (every Nth entrant wins) For example, every 500 eligible entry will win. Or first come, first served.
There will be a promotion start day and end day. Promotions can last anywhere from one to 30 days.
Every entrant may require to watch a youtube video or follow the seller on Twitter, some even don’t require you anything!
How do I know if I have won? You will get notified as a potential winner and then provide an eligible shipping address, you will receive a confirmation email once your prize is claimed.
So let’s play! the higher you participate, the higher chance of winning.